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How a Back Brace Relieves Pain

When you visit a chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando, FL to address back pain, a professional may suggest a back brace as part of the treatment process. By understanding how back braces relieve pain, you can determine when to consider a brace for your back and spine.

this is a photo of a person with chronic back pain that can be relieved with a back brace from our chiropractor in orlando and longwood

Providing Support to Your Back and Spine

Back braces for pain relief in Florida help alleviate discomfort by providing support to your back and spine. When you have a weak structure in your back, such as a herniated disc, the additional support helps your body heal and recover. It allows you to transition from a seated to a standing position when you have pain in your back.

Improving Your Posture

A chiropractor in Orlando and Longwood may suggest the brace when you have pain from poor posture. Since your posture may impact your back and regular poor posture causes pain to your lower back, you want to improve your posture. A brace limits your mobility and supports your spine, which results in better posture and reduces the load on your lower back.

Reducing Strain on Your Back from a Labor-Intensive Job

When you have a labor-intensive job or career, you want to limit the strain on your back and spine from the physical activity. It is particularly important when you are healing form an injury to the area. As part of back pain treatments in Florida after an injury, we may suggest a back brace to limit your mobility and reduce the strain when you return to your normal activities and job. It prevents you from further injuring your back while engaging in your work responsibilities.

Stabilizing Your Back after a Medical Procedure or Injury

An injury to your back or a medical procedure that causes pain in your back while you heal may require a brace. Since the medical procedure or injury may cause problems with stabilizing your muscles and spine, you want the additional support until your body heals. The stabilization in your back allows your body to heal while you engage in normal activities or return to your normal lifestyle.

How to Get a Back Brace in Florida

When identifying how to get a back brace in Florida, you must start with identifying your needs and situation. In some cases, a chiropractor in Longwood and Orlando, FL recommends a brace from a pharmacy. The over-the-counter brace is usually designed for sports or similar activities and may help in certain situations. When you need a prescription brace or a specialized brace for your back, you may qualify for Medicare back braces for Florida residents. Medicare and some insurance policies may cover the cost for a personalized brace in certain situations. 

Back braces relieve pain by providing the support your body needs to heal and recover from an injury, sciatica or other conditions in the back. To learn more about keeping your back and spine healthy or to set up an appointment, call 407-774-6800 today.

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